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Installing Logic again after wiping my MacBook


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Hey guys,


I recently wiped my MacBook Pro and installed Logic Studio which I bought some years ago.


Prior to the install, I typed the serial number that is on the Install Manual without success, Logic just says it needs a valid serial number, which it is but I understand that it might only work for one installation. So I used a serial number I found online (oh no), and it installed fine. However, when I start up Logic, it asks for the serial number again and none of the serials I previously tried works now. Logic just shuts down saying it can't continue to run without the proper serial number.


What does this mean for me, do I need to buy Logic again? I mean, I should be able to wipe a computer and use the same serial to install Logic, since I paid it. Logic also mentions a Logic XSKey (I think), did I get one of those that I can try instead?


Thanks in advance!

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