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Sounds in my saved logic sessions are now different?!?


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So a strange one, i had mastered 3 of my tracks and now 2 of them i have re-opened a few weeks later and several of the sounds are totally different in tone and sound. Seems to be my ESX24 and also ESP it seems too from first look. So strange...


Any ideas :cry:

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Kinda hard to tell what's going on here. Could be a corrupt project. If that's the case, you may have to import all your settings to a new project. In the new project go to File / Import and choose your song from the file browser. After that, you'll see a browser side bar in the Arrange where you can choose which settings to import.


Ok, that's one scenario. Another approach is to either undo some steps within the song itself or to open a previous version of the song to get back to the point where your sounds are back to normal. (If you want to retain your mastering stack, save that from the last version so you can re-aply it to a "fixed" version of the song.)


You mention mastering. Have you tried turning off your mastering plugs to see if that makes a difference to the sound? I suspect that the mastering has nothing to do with it but it's another shot in the dark.


And finally, have you tried simply reloading the sounds into the EXS and the ESP? If you can do that, then close and re-open the project and check if your sounds are intact. If they aren't, then I'd assume that it's a corrupt project.


One more thing occurs to me. Have you done a system Repair Permissions lately? This can be done from within Disc Utility and should be done at regular intervals, especially after installing any new software or software updates.


HTH! :)

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