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Problems with Logic 9 and MIDIs/MBOX2


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I am a new Logic user and am running into some problems getting my MBOX2 Pro setup with Logic (9.1.8 update from 9).


1) Logic stalls when checking for "MIDI Driver"





2) I am then prompted with this window after Logic finally opens.



I feel like I'm so close to getting things running smoothly, I just need a little help. Please and Thank you

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I have found this on the Apple support page (hope that can help):


  • This is usually caused by ProTools/MBox/AVID MIDI drivers that are not Mountain Lion compatible.
    Do you have any version of Pro Tools installed or an MBox?
    This will get you to your USER MIDI Drivers. (OR ANY incompatible MIDI Driver)
    ~/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers
    Copy and paste the above into your GO/Go To Folder in Finder. MOVE any MIDI Driver that's related to AVID, MBox or ProTools to the Desktop (don't discard)
    Do the same with your root Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers (don't copy and paste this it's not hidden, just go there.)
    Again MOVE any MIDI drivers related to AVID, MBox or ProTools to the Desktop.
    Shut down the mac, restart... see if the problem still exists. There's a chance a copy of the drivers is kept in the boot cache.. don't know about that, it should clear out over time.

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