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Hey guys,


I have a voice tag chopped up in pieces where I say "This is a sytrus production". Every word is chopped up and aligned on a beat so that it sounds in sync with the rest of the beat. I have made a loop of 8bars and exported the voice tag so that i know exactly how long the voice tag should be (8bars in this case) when used in other projects. The problem is, this is a 130bpm project, but if I use it in e.g. a 80bpm project i have to timestretch it again and it loses quality. I know there used to be a feature in FL studio to export things like this and it saves the slice points in the wav file so if you use it in a project with a different bpm it automatically aligns it up to be exactly 8bars, just like I exported it in the first place.


Any suggestions? Thanks

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1. Bounce the chopped part as single Audio file (select the regions and choose bounce regions)

2. Add the result to Apple Loops (Drag the new audio file to the Apple Loops library)


Now you can open that loop in any project and it will play in the song's tempo


hope it helps



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