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Flying audio clips around within Take Folders/ Quickswipe


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Hi, I am comping several takes of guitar in Quickswipe mode. Each take was recorded both direct and effected, and so I've put each set of takes in its own Take Folder, and then I've grouped the Take Folders and enabled editing.


Now I want to fly some clips around, i.e. take pieces from here and move them there. What is the best practice for doing this? There seems to be a way to select a "swiped" section and move it within its lane and to other lanes, but I haven't done this successfully yet.


My work around is to create two new audio tracks and group them for editing. Then each time I want to fly a bit of audio in somewhere, I import the take, both direct and effected, select just that clip, then move the newly-created clip(s) to another group of separate audio "fly" tracks. This seems like a lot of effort for something I have a feeling can be done within Quickswipe comping. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet. :)


If anyone knows the best practice for accomplishing this goal, I would be much obliged. Thanks!!

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There seems to be a way to select a "swiped" section and move it within its lane and to other lanes, but I haven't done this successfully yet.


You can't move swiped sections but you can move regions, both horizontally and vertically, inside a Take Folder. To do this you have to first exit Swipe comping mode. A dedicated key command - Toggle Quick Swipe Comping Mode - is the fastest way to do this but you can also just click on the little "picnic table" icon in the upper right of the Take Folder.


Regarding mixing bits from two different Take Folders, you are likely stuck with exporting from at least one of those two take folders, and then dropping those regions into the other take folder.


But before you do that, make sure you do this first:


1) Duplicate the comp in the destination take folder (since recording into, or dropping new regions into, a take folder can mess up the ongoing comp). Use the menu under the folder's disclosure triangle to make the duplicate comp, upper right of the Take folder.


2) Set Drag mode to Overlap.


It can also be useful in this scenario to give your new regions a different colour so that they are easier to recognize when you drop them into the comp. And any added regions will end up in the top take lanes.


But it may be simpler to put ALL the regions in one take folder from the start. OR, export from both folders and then start the process again by putting your two comps into a new Take Folder.

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