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Logic Pro 9.1.8, Tascam US-1800, and direct monitoring

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Hello all! Very very new to Logic Pro and I've got a few questions. First my set up:


Logic 9.1.8

Mac OS X 10.7.3

Macbook Pro, 2.53 GHz, Intel


250 GB HDD


Tascam US-1800

KRK Rokit 5 Monitors


OK, so I've got most of what I need done already taken care of. I can get Logic to recognize my interface and I can get inputs from the mics I'm using. My question is primarily concerned with monitoring. For those of you who use the Tascam US-1800 you'll know there are line inputs on the back for balanced L/R monitoring. I've got those connected to both of my monitors but I'm still not able to determine that they're actually "monitoring" anything.


As it stands I've got 4 XLR inputs going to 4 different mics, 2 mono and one stereo pair and I can hear input on all four mics so long as I turn the mix knob on the tascam all the way to input.


My tascam only has 4 outs and I've tried connecting my monitors to the out's labeled Monitor (Balanced) L/R as well as both of the line paired outputs (1&2/3&4).


I want to know how to basically get my monitors working.



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If you can hear something when you turn the knob to input that means the problem is probably in Logic. First thing to check would be if you have "Software Monitoring" enabled in the Preferences.


Next I would make sure the channels you are using in Logic are record enabled and have their outputs set to Stereo Out... and that the faders are up.

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