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Synthesizer (Blofeld Waldorf) Recording Issue

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So I've recently purchased a Blofeld Waldorf Synthesizer (the version with Keys), and would like to just basically record some synth parts via USB into Logic. My timing is not 100% accurate, so I want to record as MIDI, not as a plain audio file.


So currently I'm setting up a new 'External Midi Track', and then selecting Blofeld Waldorf out on the right, which is sending the MIDI back to the synth. So whilst the synth is connected, it's Audio is sent back to the synth. The problem is, other audio files (say EXS24) drums are playing out of the laptop speakers.


Also, when I disconnect the Synth, the midi notes are 'empty', meaning they do not produce any sound unless I plug the synth back in.


What I ideally need to achieve is:


1) Be able to record the audio and listen back without having the Synth Plugged in all the time.


2) Be able to hear the synth and other instruments from the same audio source (perhaps as a result of No.1)


Any assistance here would be massively appreciated!! Tearing my hear out as I just can't figure out a solution :(

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