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LPX - Features that are STILL MISSING


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I started a threat to collect all the features that were removed from LPX. Now let's see what is still missing. Please don't make that just a complainer post. Any feature you find (from yourself or others) and think they should be in LGX, please go to the feedback page and let Apple know.




Let me start with a view features:


EXS24 (+Editor)

This is one major oversight. It seems that Andrea Gozzi from Redmatica isn't ready to leave his footprint on LPX. Let APple know to pay him some extra overtime hours to get it finished for v10.01



At least I'm happy that they didn't axe the Environment. However, this is barely a paint job, just a dust off to get rid off the 90s feel. The Physical Input object is still impossible to drag cables from with those tiny triangles


Multiple MIDI Controller Lanes

I can't believe that this is still not implement. It is a feature that I still miss to this day since I converted from Cubase almost ten years ago. Having multiple MIDI controllers in the Piano Roll Editor visible (Volume, Pitch, Modulation, Breath, etc) is just a must


Re-Arranging Channel Strips in the Mixer

Apple should be bombarde with that inexcusable oversight


Local Menus Behavior

I still can't understand why it is such a programmable impossibility have the loal menus behave like the main menus. You have to click again to close a menu to go to the next one, talking about workflow redundancy.


Visual Region Gain

There is still no visual feedback on the Region itself if it has a Gain offset, let alone have the possibility to change it right on the Region and not in the Inspector.

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