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MOTU Track16 Stopped Working - Help!


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Hello there...

I purchased the MOTU Track 16 two weeks ago to replace my aging Apogee Duet. After downloading firmware and the like, it seemed to be working great. I even tracked vocals and guitar on an existing project and it sounded great. But now all of a sudden something weird has happend. Now when I plug in my bass, I can hear it coming through my main speakers whether or not Logic is running. It's just going straight to the speakers. And even weirder, when I try to record, there is no signal being sent to my specified channel. I have the MOTU designated as my Input Source and I have the particular track selected to Input 1 (the guitar 1/4 inch plug) and NOTHING is getting through to my Logic project. I can hear the song on playback just fine... and I can hear my bass because - as I said - it comes through my main speakers anyway... BUT it's not getting recorded! No signal is getting through the specific channel. It's so strange because it was working perfectly up to a few days ago. All help is very much appreciated.

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1. you hear your bass from the main speakers, because it's monitored from the Track 16 own mixer

Open Cue Mix and mute all the channels except the master.

2. the Guitar 1 Input in Track 16 is actually input 3 in Logic

input 1 and 2 are the Mic inputs 3-4 are guitar inputs. You have to assign the audio channel you want to record to input 3


hope it helps



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