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Logic pro file structure

lucid life

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I am trying to send my sessions to another mac that I have, but I am running into a problem where a lot of my projects don't have the session file, but just audio files, bounces, backups, etc. Is there a certain folder that Logic uses to save all of it's data? I'm thinking that somehow I have sessions in different folders( my mac is very unorganized), and will need to locate them, or maybe I just somehow deleted the session data, but that's seems unlikely.


Also, I just got into gobbler, and it seems really great. What advice would you guys have or utilizing it? As of right now all I did was email myself a few sessions through gobbler, but I hear you can do a lot, and it's great for backing up projects. My thing is that I don't know what the heck I'm doing when it comes to backing up. Any advice would be appreciated!

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