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Advice needed: shimmering, heavenly pads

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Hello all!


I am somewhat new to all this and I've been really enjoying reading this forum; such a fantastic group of skilled people here!


My question has to do with creating shimmering, glistening, heavenly pads in Logic. I am trying to emulate the specific sound of Michael Stearns Serge synthesizer, for example, the sonic quality that was used in the soundtrack to the film Baraka. This kind of sound, to be specific:



And the huge swell at the title card in the film Samsara (skip to exactly 4:50 and again at 11:15 for some good examples)



For the life of me, I can't seem to recreate this. That being said, I am quite new to synthesis, and I expect many of these kinds of sounds could be created using the instruments built into Logic... or can they??


With those sounds in mind, I'd be grateful if anyone could answer any of these questions:


• How do you think these kinds of sounds were made, layered, manipulated?

What synth, 3rd party of otherwise would be best for making these kinds of sounds?

• What learning resources would you point me in the direction of in regards to learning how to create these kinds of sounds?

• If you were charged with the task of creating large scoundscape-esque music like this, how would you start? What instruments would you use? What would your work flow and process look like? How would you mix the piece?


Thanks very much for all the great advice on these forums. I look forward to hearing your responses.



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i did NOT listen to your examples (am in a meeting), but...u-he's zebra synth plugin is amazing for soundscapes, dreamy, glittery pads.

alchemy too, perhaps. also explore logic's own sculpture....


Hi Fisherking,


Thanks for the advice... Just got Zebra; has some pretty neat stuff. Sculpture was the one I immediately went went to... do you know of any other synths that are like Sculpture? So many synths out there seem to be dedicated to pop, dance and techno music. I'm very interested in using synths in styles of music that they are not normally used in.


Thanks again!

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