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Base model MacBook Pro - 13.3" for Logic pro 9/X

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Hi Guys,


I have been running Logic Pro 9 on my 2008 white MacBook. I had put 4GB RAM in and upgraded drive to 7200 rpm. I am getting occasional 'system overload notices', may be the Firewire 400 drive I record out to, as I do not think Firewire drive that is greater than 5400 rpm.


Question is this, looking to get the 2012 Mackbook pro 13" , I need the portability of 13" as I frequently travel. I Would rather not get MacBook air as I want a large hard drive, but the SSD obviously interests me. Any concerns on the 5400 rpm drive? I know they have come a long way and will run Logic fine, I just need some confirmation.


My concern is the 5400 rpm drive in the MacBook pro. It should be fine to run Logic 9 and I wanna get Logic Pro X, as my white MacBook cannot come up to Mountain Lion. My intent on the MacBook pro is to upgrade RAM to 8GB straight away and eventually put in a SSD drive. I will record out to a 7200 drive using the Firewire 800.


I will notice a big jump up going to the i5 as all I have had till now is the dual core processor.


Any thoughts on the MacBook Pro 13"?

I will also hook it up to a bigger monitor for home use to get full screen real estate of Logic.

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LX is a little cramped on my 13" mbp. an not thrilled with that (L9 fit a little better), but so it goes. the new features, GUI, etc...make up for the screen real estate issue. truthfully, will probably move to a retina 13" in the fall...should be a little better.


i started with logic on a 12" powerbook, so...ANYTHING can be adapted to!

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