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Setting up Logic Pro X Screens: Part 2


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Hello again fellow Forum Members!


As per all your help, I can view exactly what I wanted to see on the Mix Screen by pressing Command 2, and by clicking the far right traffic light.


But let's fine tune what my friend wants to do, if it can be done at all, and please note that this might take several posts :)


When he opens Logic Pro X, he wants to choose Multi-Track.


When the next Window opens, it's showing way too much to him (it's showing Library, Inspector, Smart Controls, Control Bar, etc).


So my first question is, can X be setup to open Screenset 3 (Record Audio and Check Levels) as the Window that appears first?


Next, he presses Command 2 to go to the Mixer Window, but when it opens, the Control Bar isn't on that Window, nor is it available to choose in the drop down menu under View (it's not bold).


So how does he view the Control Bar?





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