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LPX Multi Ouput Instrument Channel to Mono


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If I add a channel from a multi output instrument, how do I force the newly created Aux channel from stereo to mono? In the EXS24's case, this would be selecting the mono input 11, which is not possible when the Aux channel is in stereo.


For example:

1.) Add exs24 to a new channel strip (multi output of course).

2.) Click '+' icon in the mix window to add new channel.

3.) Attempt to change the new stereo Aux Channel to a Mono input (i.e. 11, 12, or 13, etc....) Not possible.


Only work around I have found is to remove the input by setting the input to 'No Input'. Then change the channel to mono, then reselecting the instrument to say 'Inst 11'. Cumbersome but possible (easier in LP9), is their a faster shortcut?



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