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Use existing Aux as Track Stack


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Hello all, Logic Pro X question here...


I've just spent the last hour re-organising all my bus sends. I 'stacked' together some tracks that were already going to a bus and not the stereo out, so basically it all turned into a right mess as when you stack tracks their existing bus output is overwritten with a new one. I was wondering whether it possible to have your existing aux track become the 'track stack' track in the arrange window?

Hope this makes sense...


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You need to create an arrangement track for the aux in the arrange and include that in the stacking, then it works


edit oh wait, not exactly like you want it because a new SUM aux is created, but your previous routing is intact though, it just that your original aux is routed to the new SUM.


Good point though, one should be able to do what you want and letting your original submix be the stack track master.

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