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LPX Comping weirdness??


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Don't know if this is a bug or 'user error' .... :oops:


Starting tracking some guitars today with LPX and noticed something strange. When doing multiple takes on the one track, or cycle recording multiple takes, when I stop recording the object is empty. I have to open the comp and quick swipe what I want to hear.

This is not how it's been working in LP9, (I loaded it up & checked). Normally that last take is active when you stop recording, but with LPX nothing is active until you open the comp and select one of the takes. (Note: if just doing an initial single take it's fine)


Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing??



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Hey Oz,

I'm also looking for some answers about the comping.

Couple of things that seem to make it slower. For example, when you want to just select and preview a take,

(of multiple) you can't just click it. Seems like you have to select it from the pulldown menu, from middle

of the 3 icons on left end of the folder.


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