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some limitations for Drummer for Logic Pro X


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I have yet to download the additional drum content, so please let me know if im receiving problems because of this.


1. opening a instance of drummer as your first track, subsequent tracks cannot be opened as a drummer instrument.

Instruments have to be opened then they have to loaded as drum kits. Im not sure why this is?


2. Multiple outputs for portland and cal kits only go up to high hats not the overheads channels etc when the + symbol is pushed.


3. Once multiple outputs has been selected you are no longer able to control certain elements, such as crash cymbals, they still play thru the main output, (provided you have them in your drum sequence).


4. Drummer tracks cannot be exported to audio files via the right click command.


Are these bugs or am I missing something.


Many thanks tommy,


p.s Logic Pro X is growing on me :)

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I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to your point number 3 ? I would also like to control the level of cymbals in the mixer just like you can with the kick/snares etc.. Or I would like to know how to route the cymbals signal to the next Aux that appears when you are clicking "+" to add to the multi outs. Any ideas ?

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