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Logic Pro X - A few sneaky issues


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I have been playing around/adapting to Logic X for the last two days and have come across a few funny little issues and was wondering if others were getting the same.


- When opening the piano roll in a separate window I can only see the first few bars of the session so I can only use the pop up piano roll for all midi edits

- When preferences are set to 'limit dragging to one direction' I am unable to move notes in two directions while holding shift in the piano roll. I am able to move regions in two directions in the arrange window but it creates a new alias region instead of just moving the region

- list, note pad, apple loops and browser icons don't show up on my MacBook Pro 15" Retina but do show up on my 27" iMac

- creating a track with the next midi channel seems to be fairly erratic and often gives me random, non flowing results

- when clicking the + to create an additional aux track on a multi-timbral instrument I am finding that sometimes it randomly puts them out of order and I need to manually go through and change the them to the correct inputs and names


I was wondering if anyone had come across any of these issues or if anyone has found a workaround for some of them? Apart from these things I'm enjoying the new layout and so happy to see the implementation of stacks and midi fx!

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karp47, you should really be posting one topic for each individual issue, with each topic having an actual descriptive topic rather than a vague "Logic Pro X various issues".


Rule #4 = One topic per thread. Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting


Bundling multiple issues in a single thread like that makes for poor forum organization, horrible search engine indexing, meaning it' becomes difficult for others to search the forum etc. In the end, I even strongly believe that you will receive better responses, better targeted to each individual issue, by posting individual threads.



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