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Logic X - Drummer automation


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As of yet there's no documented way to do it, but I would venture to guess there must be a way, perhaps through the Environment, to assign one MIDI CC to the x-axis and one to the y-axis, then write automation of the those CC messages.
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You can easily split a Drummer region into multiple regions and choose different settings for each. Here's what I do:

1) Cut a Drummer region into multiple slices.

2) Select the first slice.

3) Click a position (for example all the way SOFT) for the puck.

4) Press the Right arrow key to select the next Drummer region.

5) Click a new position (for example a little more toward LOUD) for the puck.



Of course you'll want to turn the Fills knob all the way down for this or the Drummer will play fills at the end of each region! (which can be cool sometimes)


So basically, if you want the performance to evolve over time during a section, you can definitely do it. You just don't do it by automating the position of the puck.

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