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Remote's connection and momentary hiccups in LPX


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As best as I can determine, I am experiencing intermittent and brief dropped connections when using Remote that result in LPX itself hiccuping for a second. When in playback, audio drops out, then midi tries to spit out bunched up notes when resuming. While recording yesterday, it actually recorded the bunched up midi when this happened.


I have followed advice posted elsewhere by deleting both the Remote application and device preferences in LPX, then reinstalling/reconfiguring.


Perhaps a coincidence, but this seemed to happen at one point while receiving a text message on my iPhone nearby, though I haven't been able to replicate this. I do not have message notifications enabled on my iPad, btw.


I am also making an assumption that this is related to Remote, mainly because I worked for a couple of hours without Remote and was hiccup-free.


What are others experiencing?



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