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Inaccurate loop length (That dot thing > 1 1 1 1.)


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Anyone on X, confirm this gone, or still there?



How about 'Divide multiple on selected regions'?



I'll be on 10.6.8 & 9.1.8 for a while still, got an album project to finish, but weeding thru my plugins now, so some future-proofing etc to do, and in the meanwhile I'm itching to learn what all new is there and what has been fixed. And no, I'm not just trying to take the easy way, I've already skimmed thru the manual to like page 300, most the same old same old, some new bits here and there ;)



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The first issue is still there! I'm having exactly the same problem about the inaccurate loop length on Logic X now. I cut perfectly the region > repeat region multiple times and after already 20 repetitions there is an error. Also cutting the region > activate loop and convert loops to region, same problem: after a while there's a delay on the grid.


Have you found a solution?

Thanks a lot! :)




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