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Logic Pro X Automation Help!


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Hi, i'm pretty new to all this (Logic) and still getting to grips with it. I recently purchased Logic pro X and have been working on some stuff and have come to a couple a blocks, and can't figure out what to do.


First of all, I'm trying to work on automation; I do the volume (on say track 1) and then bring another automation tab down (for the same track) to do some Hi-cut frequency effects manually with Latch. When I press play to record my manual automation it just re-does the main (volume) tab, and when I try click on the tab to select the frequency tab nothing gets selected.I know there is probably a really obvious answer but I'm a new. Basically it won't let me click or record on another tab to automate, just the one, on volume, I can manually do it with Nodes by clicking with mouse, on say, pan automation.


Another odd thing was, I deleted one track, went to Duplicate another and it came up with the previous tracks name..and automation. Is this odd? seems it.


Hope someone can help me out,


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