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Not accepting mappings


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I'm trying to map controllers from my Behringer FBC 1010 and it's not accepting them. Please help!!! It's recieving the midi,, the expression pedal is mapped to the volume fine, but none of my buttons will work for things like mute, next/prev patch, etc.....
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I own an FCB 1010, and guess what?

They are a B1TCH to program.


You MUST invest in "iFCB X" and do all of your programming to the FCB using that software, otherwise, you are likely to toss it, and possibly yourself out the window.


Having said that, mine is friggen' fantastic, and works like a charm with Mainstage, and actually there are ALOT of people using it with Mainstage, and the information is absolutely out there and available.


But, you got to get to step 1 first, which is telling the FCB what you WANT it to do first.


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