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Can I move logic sounds to external drive?


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Sorry if this has been asked over and over? as we all have done.. LOL.. Im downloading the sounds and my SSD is not big enough (128g) for the full logic library blah blah blah LOL..


Can the sound libraries be moved? The downloader isnt allowing us to pick a different destination like L9 did.


Thanks.. and holy bat s#!+ bat man LPX is amazing.. and I just STUPIDLY bought PT11.. errrrr

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Yes it is possible and actually super easy (as in L9)


For example in the Patch folder (which exists in the usual Library location and also parallel in the "username/Music/Audio Music App" location.

Create a folder on your esternal drive where you want to store you files

Make an alias of that folder

Drag that alias folder into the Patch folder on your boot drive (you have to drag it into one of the Track Types folder).

Refresh the Library in Logic's Library window.


The good news is that you can have nested folder inside the Patch folders, so your external alias folder will show up in the Library and you can drill into it.


Here is a screenshot (looks more complicated that it is). I created a folder on the external drive (TImeMachine) and dragged that onto the boot drive . The alias folder is renamed "External Drive"



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Hey thanks you da man,

I tried what you posted but it didnt work in the patches folder. I couldnt get it to show up as a user patches option BUT.. I did experiment and I put that Alias folder into my EXS Factory Samples Folder and it worked..


So what I did


Created a folder on External Drive called Logic Libraries

Right Clicked on that folder and "Create Alias"

I placed that folder into Main Drive/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples

I then copied all files 20gig over to the Logic Libraries Folder on the external Drive.

Then Deleted the EXS Libraries off my main boot drive

I now have 20 Gig of free space..

I did refresh library at the bottom of the library window. At first when I loaded Drummer it said download more content but I selected a different patch and it adjusted and found it.


Thanks for the heads up and work around..

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Yeah now I think I screwed up something. I was watching the MacProVideo tutorials on the new Drummer Plugin. When he was changing the snares and cymbals in real time. He had like 10 snare and a bunch of cymbals. I opened my project and I only have 3 Snares 3 kicks and no cymbals at all. Hmmm. So I goto Library/Application Support/Logic/Drummer/ and all I see are a Default.glibb GenreCharacterMap and a Presets folder. Now I was thinking that maybe I needed to make an alias path the the drum samples on the other hard drive. I do just that and put the alias into that above folder and NOTHING. LOL... Hmm wonder what i screwed up. I hope I dont have to delete this and reload it from scratch. Any ideas Edgar?
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It sounds like you're not using a Producer Kit. The multi output producer kits add more kit pieces. They have a + after their name in the library. It's stupid, but that's they way it is. I exclusively use them anyway, though, because I like the multi outputs for mixing like a real drum kit.
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