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"Audio Music Apps" folder


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It looks like the "Audio Music Apps" folder inside the users Music directory is a "mirror" of the Logic folder (~/Library/Application Support/Logic/).


Does anybody have more information on that what's the reason behind it. THe only thing I can imaging is that OSX hides the Library folder by default, so this gives the user access to those files without going to the Library. However, I think if a user is sophisticated enough to mess around in that folder, he might have figured out how to access the Library directory.


Any Unix geeks around here who can explain the mechanics behind that? I remember that there are "soft links" and "hard links" on the file system level. Aren't "Soft Links" similar to the Finder's Alias implementation? The Finder lists the Audio Music Apps folder however as a Folder and not an Alias, so is this done as a "hard link"? Just out of curiosity.

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