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Plugins don't show up in LPX ánd LP9


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Hello Everyone,


I just upgraded to OSX 10.8 and then to LPX. Now, none of my plug-ins show up. The 64bit ones (I have some Waves stuff) don't show in LPX. Just the Apple ones. All of my 32bit plugs also don't show up in LP9 at all. Not in the AU Manager as well.


I've tried some things:


-Clearing the Audio Units cache

-I copied the Waveshell 9.2 to the Components folder

-Rescan plugins


My last hope was running the Waves AU Reg Utility. When i click the .app, nothing happens.


It just seems very odd that the plugins are in the audio/plugins/components folder, where they have always been, but they don't show up in LP9 either..


Any ideas? Maybe on how to get te Reg Utility to work?


Thanks very much in advance!

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