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Loops resize themselves by a very small amount!


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So, after spending a few days on my Logic x I started noticing my loops being off. I zoomed into the suspected loop and noticed it changed its start position and size! I used the repeat function on the track to loop say 64 bars or more. This issue is with several audio tracks with loops, some professional and some from my own collection. The crazy thing is, I can fix the loop by deleting it and copying a good known copy that is the right size and replace it. But randomly i will find anther one and sometimes its the one I already fixed!


Anyways, going back to logic 9 for now since i cant spend all day playing whack a mole with loops randomly changing position and size.


Oh and the size is very minimal but enough to cause major issues. Example of a 4 bar. to or something. Its hard to see but once i hear a problem i will zoom in and its off.


Has anyone had this issue?



Any help would be great.

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