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Lane selection problem when quick swipe comping - LP9

camillo jr

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When I'm using quick swipe to comp in a Take Folder, as I'm going up and down the lanes looking for the best phrases, some times in the heat of the moment I'll accidentally click on the top of one of the lanes (which selects the whole region) and one of two things can happen:


1) It (temporarily) wipes out all my edits, and now I only have one whole lane selected. So I undo....


2) Or, it doesn't wipe out the edits but it does misdirect the use of my Play From Selection command which I use constantly while I'm doing the edits, and I'm suddenly the song is playing from the beginning of the take folder. Now I have to go looking for where I was in the comp. This is the more common scenario of the two.


Is there a pref somewhere such that my selections will only be the swiped area and not the entire lane?

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