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Installing LPX to Computer with very poor internet


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I have a studio in the countryside which has a very poor internet connection - equivalent to a dialup - and I want to know how to install LPX to that machine, a full download is not realistic. I've downloaded and installed the whole shebang to my London machine. Is there a way of copying relevant content and programs to an external disk and then reinstalling. If so, anyone know how to do this?


I've been following this link:


and I don't believe there's a licensing issue (I would actually happily buy it again but this doesn't seem necessary).


This must be a common problem surely? Not everyone has a super-duper fibre optic connection.


I do have a slightly creaky macbook pro too and am contemplating installing Logic x to this and then migrating it over to this country computer. Does anyone know if this would work or the specifics of doing it?


Any help would be very gratefully received



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OK, after a bit more research I've found someone trying something similar. I'm going to try this and will report back. I'm quite surprised there isn't more on this topic actually as there must be loads of people wanting to run LPX without a half-decent internet connection.




/Applications/Logic Pro X.app

/Library/Application Support/Logic

/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library

/Library/Audio/Apple Loops

/Library/Audio/Impulse Responses


to external disk and will see if it all works at the other end!

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