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convert to sampler issue - (SOLVED)


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ok, swear i did the same thing in L9.


i highlighted some audio regions, converted to new sampler track.

files show in the EXS editor. the region created by the conversion plays. but...NOTHING sounds when i play my midi keyboard (other tracks play find).


what am i missing? (am sure it's me... :? )

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i looked in the LX file package; my EXS file is there, the samples were in Audio Files (not Samples). so...moved them, reopened LX, and pointed the EXS to each audiofile (four of them).


still no sound when i play the keyboard... :roll: :cry:



EDIT: GOT IT. was seeing C-2 as C2...on my 49note controller, it's two octaves down, was trying everything from C1 on up.

C-2 is NOT the same as C2.... :roll: :|

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