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Garageband Import to Logic - A Quirk, Or Maybe More


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I'm still on Logic Pro 9; been reading up on Logic Pro X, and I'm really looking forward to playing around with it.


Reading that Logic Pro X is based, in part, on Garageband, I sat on the iOS version that I downloaded when it was first released. Over the weekend, I decided to play around with it, as I was looking for sort of a "scratch tool," if you will, that will allow me to, as someone who's yet to read notes to save his life, wanted a tool to capture my ideas, save them, and then pull them up in Logic. Dunno what kept me from trying it out, but turns out that it was, more or less, mad easy! The iCloud integration is money, because I don't want to go through the hassle of having to plug my iOS device to my Macbook Pro, then syncing in order to move files from my iOS device to the hard drive. Thanks to a search and a cool trick, the Garageband files in iCloud are already stored on my Mac's hard drive; I just needed to make a shortcut to the folder where the iOS files are located. For me, this revelation, along with the weekend's learning of using GB on both of my iOS devices, was also a revelation, and sure to make it great so that I don't have to have my laptop with me all the time in order to make beats.


Okay, so I'm finally coming up to my query, and that's addressing the limitations once I open up a GB file in Logic. I notice that on the channel strips, inserts are greyed out; not sure why that is. The sound of the song didn't change between GB on iOS and Logic. I was under the impression that greyed out inserts mean that they are inactive. Can someone help me understand this?


Also, I notice that Smart Instruments have their own Logic "instrument" plugins, which differ greatly from the ones with knobs, dials, and other visual representations of their "real" counterparts, but i could either use what's there or find a similar or different plugin that will serve me just as well.


Finally, asides from the fact that once a GB file is imported and saved as Logic File, I can't go back (though my GB file will still be available, should I royally mess up the Logic project), are there any other major quirks that I should know? And also, anything different in Logic Pro X in terms of its handling of GB file imports?


Thanks for patiently reading; look forward to your insights.


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