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Close Inspector = Graphic background glitch [FIXED]

David Nahmani

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Yes, I've seen this also, but only once or twice. I didn't associate it with the local inspector, because it seemed so random.


OK, I just took a look at this again and it seems that there's a formula to get it working or not working.


1. Open the piano roll, open the local inspector and close the piano roll window.

2. Open the piano roll and close the local inspector - gray bar at right end of window.


You can keep opening and closing the local inspector and you'll see the gray bar, but if you do anything that causes a window redraw - press play so the window jumps to a new position or change zoom - the gray bar will disappear. Opening and closing the local inspector at this point won't bring back the gray bar. Also, if you open the piano roll with the local inspector closed in the first place, no amount of opening or closing it will reveal the gray bar. The only way it shows is if the local inspector was open in the first place and is then closed. At least, that's the way it's working over here...

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I never tried forcing a redraw (in fact, I didn't know you could do that!). i just scrolled or zoomed, so the behavior you saw with the redraw command is probably the same over here.


Anyway, good catch on this bug. I wasn't sure what was causing it when it occasionally popped up.

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