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Best kontakt 5 setup in LPX


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I've took the plunge and upgraded to Logic X, i decided to remove my older version and accidentally deleted my templates so now i'm trying to create a new template that is setup for Kontakt.


First up, what is the best mono/stereo config? most of the youtube videos go straight for 16x stereo but does this accommodate for samples that should be in mono, i.e., some kicks and maybe a bass? (does this still matter these days?) ... would it be worth going with 16x stereo and mono-izing anything under 200khz? or would it be better to go with x8 mono / 8x stereo?


I tried to create 8 x mono just for testing, setup 8 mono channels in kontakt, 7 aux channels (8 including the created instrument channel).. the aux channels are all messed up though.. the main instrument channel is controlling channel 1 and 8, aux 2(the first aux created) doesn't play anything.. aux 3 is channel 4, aux 4 is channel 5, aux 5 is channel 6, aux is channel 7 and aux 7 is channel 8.


I've added a screen shot, it doesn't tell you much but as you can see the channels are setup correctly in kontakt, and there is nothing coming out of aux 2, even though everything is playing...






Any advice appreciated

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When using Kontakt in Logic, you are restricted to number of inputs and types listed in the plugin. so you can do 16x mono, 1x stereo/15x mono, 16x stereo, etc). you can't do a custom number like 10x stereo/6x mono. such a shame because in ableton live you can.


anyways i have several presets saved in Kontakt outputs. i recommend saving the ones you use the most. in logic i usually use 16x stereo or 8x stereo/8x mono.


and you could always open up another instance of kontakt with the number of track types that you need.


also take a look at using the mulit-timbral option with Kontakt as it will make a summing track stack as well.

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