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does logic pro x have stereo mastering? [SOLVED]


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does logic pro x have stereo mastering?


"Have"? Yes, and no, it never "had" stereo mastering, but it always had and still has the plugins with which you can set up a mastering channel strip or even a separate mastering template to import a bounced mix into. Same plugins as 9, same audio possibilities as 9 so yes, you can master in Logic. If you mean that some sort of mastering channel strip config is no longer available, well, you just have to create your own then. For what is worth, I still have all my 'homemade' presets and Channel Strip settings that I've made in LP 8 and 9 in LP X, so, if you had any of those, they should also still be there.


And yes, you are wrong. :wink: It is the other way around: Garageband looks like Logic Pro X, because Garageband is Logic Express Lite.

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I couldn't find the mastering unlike in Logic pro 9.

Logic Pro X has the same mastering capabilities as Logic Pro 9. It provides new mastering settings (in the Factory folder) but also allows access to the same LP9 mastering settings that are found in a "Legacy" folder:

- Legacy > Logic > 01 Analysis

- Legacy > Logic > 02 Mastering

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