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User Patches in settings menu


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Hi! I was just wondering if an inconsistency i've discovered in Logic X it is a feature or an out of place oddity...


Ok basically if you go into the settings menu of a 'summed-stack' track, the setting menu contains more items including a 'user patches' menu (great!). But if you go in to the settings menu on a 'normal' track then there is no user patches menu. Interested to know if there is a logical reason for this. Please see the pics for an example of what i am talking about.


Personally, I don't like the library browser. I'd much rather it be a floating window or a drop down menu either from the top bar or from the settings menu like it *sometimes* is as shown here. If i could open patches without having to browse the library i'd be very happy!




Stack settings menu


Non Stack Settings menu

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