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'Return' stopping Playback in LPX


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Getting around in LpX- getting used to everything . -

When typing names for channel strips in the mixer (during playback) - hitting return stops playback.

For some reason I don't remember that happening lp9. It's very frustrating.

When I type track names in the Main window ... Playback is uninterrupted .

If there a setting somewhere that I am missing?



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Thanks Eric... That would be the easiest solution. But for e of habit - I never had the issue in LP9.

The whole naming scheme drives me crazy ... I name the tracks in the arrangement window yet the mixer doesn't follow suit.

The mixer (and the track name) show audio 24. Audio 25, etc.

Very frustrating when I have a bunch of plugin windows open and I want to look at the track name at the top of the Plugin window... nd it says " audio 24"

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