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Can you bypass your plugins on opening logic?


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Is anyone aware of how to start up Logic without loading its available plug ins?

A sort of Default mode if you will?


I have a sense that one of the plugin's is making logic sweat a bit on the way in and preventing Logic from opening in a particular project. (*further notes on the details of how it fails are below)


I know which one it is, but I require logic to let me get in there so i can take the plug in out the chain and then give the whole project a reboot.

Any suggestions?


Alternatively, whats the best route of wiping a plug in temporally, when I search for it its not being recognised?!


(*It gets as far as the arrange window loading and doing its checks, then after a 30 seconds, a flash and it says its saved me another version.)


With Great Thanks


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You can start Logic without launching core audio, which means you won't load any plug-ins. You have to hold down Control immediately after starting Logic, and not launch the Core Audio driver when prompted:




Apparently you can use the same startup modifiers as with LP8 and LP9: Logic Pro/Express 8 & 9: Startup modifier keys for troubleshooting

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