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Using Apogee Gio, Axiom Pro and Duet all together.

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Hey peeps,


I got an issue with my midi set up. This is what I intend to do but can't!


1.I want to use my Apogee Duet 2 as my input/output

2. Axiom pro key station as my midi trigger

3. Apogee Gio as just a controller


It just doesn't seem to be possible. The Gio's buttons light up when I click on a button through Logic e.g. (when I click record using the mouse the record button on the Gio lights up. So there is some connectivity but it doesn't work unless I switch off the Axiom Pro. It's almost as if I'm allowed only one midi device???


Turn the Axiom Pro back on, it cuts out the Gio..??


Would anyone know a way I could achieve the above set up??



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