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Audio cutting out, sync misbehaving.


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Hi, I am using Logic 9 on a MacPro 8 core via a MOTU 828 Mk11.

I am having a big problem at the moment. It began quite suddenly and will not go away.


When I press play the track usually starts fine but after a variable amount of time the audio stops. The position pointer continues to scroll along the timeline and the audio comes in and out irregularly.

Sometimes when I press play the position pointer moves but no audio is played until a short while after the pointer has moved but the audio starts at the beginning of the track thus is out of sync with the pointer.


When the audio is playing the signal indicators at the left side show a signal is present, When the audio cuts out these still show a signal but the mixer channels show nothing.


I have checked all settings and done a factory reset on the MOTU, run a complete scan with mackeeper, quit Logic several times and restarted the computer and I am getting nowhere.


If anyone can offer any help or advice please do as making music is my raison d'être and right now I can't do anything.

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