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Bounce in place (within cycle range) [SOLVED]


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1831720318_ScreenShot2013-07-24at1_41_41PM.thumb.png.e7d2a7fa38d9019915a332fbf17f7ffc.pngI have never had this problem but I forget how I used to do this.....I am just trying to bounce in place a snare/clap track so that I dont have a million snare region all over my project.......to 1 8 bar region. Problem in there is some silence before the first snare and after....I want to set my cycle range and just bounce in place from that.....but it only bounces starting at the first snare.....I cant not find any "bounce within cycle range" command......do I really have to bounce it the normal way then drag the sample back in?? thanks...
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