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Score Bugs?


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Are there any bugs in score mode for Logic? Typically, I've always found Logic's scoring facilities to be nightmarish and so have tended to either use other applications or stayed away from scoring completely. However I thought I'd dive into the Logic X orchestral template score to see if it had improved much. Here's what I found:-


So I start with a cello line. Things are going great as I'm dragging the notes onto the cello stave part of the conductor score. However, I then playback my melody and suddenly the screen jumps to the top of the conductor score making the cello part unviewable. Scrolling back down, I try again and... same result. So I fiddle around with Link and Catch Playhead to no avail. I suppose I could zoom out, but that's hardly an ideal fix.


Then, I double click on the background of the score, quite by chance. Suddenly the score gets all messed up - staves crashing into other staves and all sorts - completely botched layout. Have no way of getting it back. I reload the orch template and promise myself not to double click the conductor score again, and to save regularly in case I do.


Then I press the furthest left View Mode button. The left most portion of the stave is suddenly underneath the grey bit of the left hand information panel. What's it doing there? I can't get it into the yellow proper bit. :?


I give up with that, and go back to the conductor view. I'd like to copy my cello melody onto the Basoons. I select the notes, press Option and drag over to the bassoons....but alas I cannot move the melody out of the perimeter of the cello pitch range. (Notably different from when you first enter a note onto the conductor score, which can be placed on any instrument in the score and cycles through each pitch range accordingly).


Any suggestions?


Thanks. :-)

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