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Master Track: Aux not automatically added as subtracks

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I found in the manual that it is possible to view the master track in arrange widow and is similar to a stack, with all shared aux automatically listed inside. However, I can not see it working like described in the manual, and I did not found the way to make it working.


The manual describe this:

Each Logic Pro project has a master track. When you show the master track, it appears below the last track in the Tracks area. You can edit master volume automation on the master track, and edit automation for shared effects on its subtracks.


Show the master track

• Choose Track > Show Master Track from the Tracks area menu bar. The master track appears below the last track in the Tracks area.


This is ok, I can see the master track at the end of the arrangement.


All shared effect aux channel strips (auxes using a Bus as input, which is fed via Sends) are automatically added as subtracks. All output tracks in the project, and all effect auxiliary tracks are affected by changes to the master track.


Show or hide the subtracks for the master track

• Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the track icon in the main track.


I'm not able to see this triangle, even if I add aux for reverb or group, it never appears.


Is there somebody that was able to use this new feature? It seems a good answer to reorder aux channels in the mixer, it is already possible by adding them manually in the arrange page, but this seems to be automatic, but does not work for me.

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