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All Files Browser "Play button" [SOLVED]


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Hi gyus,


Brand new Logic user here! :D

I am just wondering about the "Play button" in the "All Files Browser". Sometimes the button is green/activated and sometimes (in some folders) not. Is there a method to this madness? I am using this browser just for wave files.


I couldn't also find a function to activate and deactivate the "Play button" via shortcut. Is it possible to control this button via computer keyboard?




Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to Logic Pro Help! :)


Just like the main play button in your control bar, the little play button in your browser is activated (green) during playback, deactivated (gray) when nothing is playing back.


The default key command is Control-spacebar but on my machine that's conflicting with Spotlight search so I had to disable that spotlight shortcut in my system preference.


You can also reassign the key command to anything you want in Logic Pro > Preferences > Key Commands (search for Play/Stop Selection).

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Command-spacebar is my key command to switch languages between U.S. English and French.


Command-spacebar is *by far* my most frequently used key command.


Launchbar (http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/index.html), all the way baby.


Hate to use a Mac without it. By far my most amazing, favourite, can't bear to be without it utility, and it's the first thing I install on any of my Macs. I cannot gush about how much I love this app enough...


We now return you to your normal programming... ;)

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Guys, you are amazing! Control + spacebar just works fine! Many thanks :D


I swear I tried all spacebar combinations with command, control, option and stuff…

Anyway I just recognized that the "Play button" is also connected with the control bar "Play button" (hierarchically).

Moving to another folder via computer keyboard or clicking in a blank browser area also deactivates the browser "Play button".

I suppose that had me confused.

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