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LPX Library Presets Confusion [SOLVED]

Dr. Howard

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Hello - I hope those with LPX installed can confirm or deny this for me:

Premier Guitar has a recent article (Inside Logic Pro X / 72313) which shows an image of the library presets..

The categories are Clean Guitar, Crunch Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Experimental Guitar, Clean Bass, Crunch Bass, Experimental Bass.


This is NOT what I'm seeing in my library.. and I have installed all the additional content...

What do other users see? I'm particularly curious about the Experimental Guitar presets..

Thanks for any insights on this.


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If you're on an audio track, make sure the library focus is on the setting button at the top of the channel strip (and not on an insert plug-in) and click on "Electric Guitar and Bass".


If you create a new guitar track then the library shows the Electric Guitar and Bass settings by default:



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