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What happened to all the "Logic is Dead" trolls?

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Yes.. I know.. I'm stirring the pot a little.. but honestly.. where did they all go to?


Especially the ones that claimed they knew someone on the dev team... or they had insider info directly from Apple... and in particular that 'guy' that claimed he knew Gerhard personally and assured us all that the Logic Dev team was being disbanded (or something along those lines!)


...And what about those that told us, with some apparent 'authority' and 'knowledge' that the next version of Logic would be heavily dumbed down... Where did they go to, too?



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Happily (for me at least), I hope the trolls are being overshadowed by devs coming out from behind their Non Disclosure Agreements and touching base with the army of musicians who use Logic.


Logicisdoomed links within this post to an article.....



Joe Gore, the Author of said article writes ... "Also, a disclaimer: I’m a longtime Logic developer"


A fine article. We look forward to Logic's continued development and growth.


(mumbling,...... three is years is too long to wait ..... :) )

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