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Logic Pro X Bug - Channel Stip Settings / Track Stack


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If you have an audio track inside of a folder or summing stack and you try to apply channel strip settings from the library. Any library channel strip setting that requires the creation of additional busses or the use of a summing track will not be created correctly. It doesn't create the busses or summing stack.


here is how to recreate the problem.


1) Create new audio file (Audio 1)

2) From the library select "Voice, Vintage Vocal"

3) The results should be A summing track called "Vintage Vocal". In the summing track is the audio track ""Vintage Vocal" witch goes to bus 3 & 4, An Aux bus track called "Plate Send" (Aux 1) witch goes to bus 1, An Aux Bus track called Spring Revered (Aux 2), and it also creates Aux 4 in the mixer.


4) Now create a new Audio track (Audio 2)

5) Right click on "Audio 2", Create Track Stack, Folder Stack.

6) The results is a folder stack (Sub 1)

7) Expand the folder stack Sub 1, Select the Audio 2 Track, and apply the same "Voice, Vintage Voice" settings from step 2

8) The Results are very different. It does not create the summing stack or any busses. this is the same with library settings that only include busses and no track stack.


this is tested on version 10.0.1

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