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LPX: Wrong Finder location when bouncing [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


Did anybody notice that when you are bouncing a track LPX will open a dialogue box on where to save the bounced project. In LP9 it would automatically open the "Bounce" folder of that specific project.


LPX opens your most recent used "Bounce" folder. So if you have bounced project A and then you want to bounce project B, LPX opens the project A folder.


Am I missing something? Perhaps because I am saving my projects as packages in stead of folders?

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Yes, since packages are self contained, you can't bounce into them. For each package though, it will remember the folder that you set it to bounce per project.


Saving as folders works just like LP9.


Thanks cmrick!!

Also, after reading some topics on folders and packages this makes sense.

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