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Instruments/sounds on an external drive?


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Sorry if this has been explained in full before, but I searched for discussions on it and didn't quite find what I'm looking for. I'm using a lot of sample-heavy instruments, as I'm always going for a live band sound, and this seems to work best to my ear. Instruments like Trillian, Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Session Horns. As well as Symphobia etc. I've always kept them on the internal drive - the strategy I've worked under is:


Logic and the Instruments it's using, both Third Party and those within Logic, all kept on the internal drive.

Projects, their folders etc, on an external


(everything always backed up with Crashplan, as well as with Time Machine)


My 1 TB internal drive is starting to get crowded and I was going to have a larger drive put in there, but I started to wonder if keeping the instruments and their sounds on an external would make expanding easier in the future?


Would keeping both the instruments and the projects on external folders work well? I'm wondering about potential bottlenecks as well as any issues/heachaces/nightmaes with moving all this stuff and losing file paths with projects, etc etc.


I'm on a 2.93 i7 iMac, with 16 gigs of Ram (may be upping that to 32, Everymac reports it can actually support that).


Thanks guys?

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Great to hear that! Do you install the instruments themselves on the internal and the samples on external, or are the instruments themselves also on the external(s)?


I have all my samples on external hard drives and have yet to experience any issues in doing that.
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In my system, they're all on external drives, instruments and samples.


For the instruments, I name my sampler instruments folder on my external drive "sampler instruments", I make an alias of it. Then I put it in the library folder (Users/[your user]/Library/Application Support/Logic) replacing the "sampler instruments" folder there. (backup the original)


It's probably not the most efficient way, but it's worked for me.

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