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Logic 9.1.8 Arpegiator i cannot get it work.

juha-pekka kuusela

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i understanded arpegiator works this way i select input form (physical input) and put to (Arpegiator) which outputs stuff Sequencer Input. but when i do this i dont get anything. funny thing when started empty state (only input module left)( all goes good way. only sad is i cannot use arpegiator make new data. and i dont know way automate arpegiator i mean if i want change Direction etc things.

even now is nice have such arpegiator becouse few synths dont have such a thing.

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Remember that the project must be playing back for the arpeggiator to work.


As far as automating its parameters, use the Controller Base parameter (the last parameter in the arpeggiator's inspector).


If you set it to "11", CC11 will control the Direction parameter. CC12, the velocity. CC13, the low key limit, etc.


You can create a track for the arpeggiator in the arrange (just drag it the arp object to the arrange) and automate its parameters from there using region-based or track-based automation.



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