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Change new software instrument track default? [SOLVED]


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Its driving me nuts that everytime I load up a blank software instrument it loads up "Classic electric Piano" and its associated bus 1 and 2.


Is there a preference somewhere to just load up a blank intrument so I can then just load a synth of my choice without having to delete all the buses?





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I'm here 9 years and 5 minutes later to say that selecting the + sign, choosing software instrument, then choosing empty channel strip + open library has solved my problem. After completing those steps, Logic opens an empty channel strip and the library when I press opt + cmd + S.


I'd also like to shout out David who, without his knowledge, has helped me with 90% of the Logic-related questions I've had over the past two years. I hope you're compensated generously for sharing your deep understanding of this software in a never-condescending manner. God bless you, bro.

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